The London Wellness Studio Is a Beautiful Plant filled Meditation and yoga space set in the heart of east London. Running a full weekly schedule of Classes, Workshops and Events.

The Studio was the brain child of Founder Blaize Ellis-Duffy, It is in its purest form a mental health space. Somewhere to come care for your self and be supported.

As a hypnotherapist and meditation instructor with her own history with depression and anxiety Blaize felt the need to build a space that felt liker you were coming home. The Aim was to build something more than just a space for classes and therapy , And it is so much more than that it has become a social hub, a place to meet new friends , a safe space and a second home to many of our clients and we honestly couldn’t be happier!

Each Element was personally selected or custom made to her exacting requirements create this wonderful place, A place to come when your unsure where else to go, in typical Northern style the kettle is always on and you are welcome to relax and chat in the lounge long after the session is finished .